Defend Yourself works to empower people

— especially women and LGBTQ people – to end violence and create a world where they can be fully themselves.

In our classes you’ll learn skills to help you prevent, interrupt, heal from, and end violence and abuse. You’ll leave better equipped to deal with everything from bothersome people to full-on attacks.

Defend Yourself’s experienced instructors know self-defense theory and techniques, the facts about violence, trauma, and recovery, and effective teaching methods. And our students love them!

Upcoming workshops

Sept. 15 – Nov. 10 Self-defense intensive: This in-depth class will cover everything from street harassment to defending yourself from the ground; from physical strikes to healing. JUST A FEW SPACES LEFT!

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What can we do for you?

Join a class that Defend Yourself has set up, or create one just for your group! Or take our Safe Bars program, Defend Yourself’s bystander intervention program for bar, club, and restaurant staffs. Or just one click and you can learn something now!

Inspiring, caring, understanding, strong, and self-assured.