5 Self-Defense Techniques You Didn’t Know You Could Use

In case you missed it, we talked with Tagg Magazine about a few self-defense techniques anyone can use. Here they are:

1) A loud voice can stop someone in their tracks: Don’t doubt the impact of a booming “no.”


2) You don’t have to be big or strong to stomp on someone’s foot: Everyone’s feet are tender spots, and no matter what size you are, a hard stomp goes a long way!

Photo by Ayni Sastrowiredjo

Photo by Ayni Sastrowiredjo

3) Good weapons are all around you: Whether it’s mangos or melons, anything can be a weapon to help you fight back.


4) It’s not the size of dog in the fight: You are still powerful even if you are little.


5) Never underestimate the power of a good groin strike: ‘Nuf said.